B2B session of the Italian Pavilion at IE Expo 2019 has 30 registered members
Air Clean designs, manufactures and installs environmental rehabilitation plants, air depollution and related processes, biogas upgrading and purification, and solid waste treatments plants.
Air Clean operates and offers after sales service worldwide.
ANIMA Federation of Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries
ANIMA - Federation of Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering akin
Autec Srl
Since 1986,AUTEC has designed,manufactured and marketed wireless control systems equipped with safety functions that are verified by independent entities,for mobile machinery,environmental machines,construction,industrial lifting and automation sectors.
Bongioanni Macchine S..p.a.
The range of machines dedicated to the crushing of industrial and urban solid waste and of construction and demolition waste is born from the experience of Bongioanni, leader in the manufacture of machines for heavy-clay products since 1907.
CIB Unigas, the first company entirely dedicated to the production of gas burners of extraordinarily high quality.
Thanks to its “Zero Emissioni NOx” research project, CIB Unigas is taking an active role in setting new standards.
Decomar spa
The exclusive DECOMAR eco-dredging allows the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of sea, coasts, harbours, rivers, and other water bodies through selective extraction of sediments, according to the guideline of the eco-innovation action plan
Dell’Orco&Villani designs and supplies since 1964 individual machines and customized complete lines for recycling knitted, woven and nonwoven textile waste as well as fiber cleaning, opening and blending.
Donau Carbon Technologies S.r.l.
Donau Carbon Technologies Srl is an innovative company with high reputation and has a long-lasting track record in providing solvent recovery plants, regenerative thermal oxidation plants and a broad range of other products.
Dulevo International S.p.a. was founded in 1976 in Fontanellato (Parma - Italy) to manufacture Commercial, Industrial and Street Cleaning Equipment.
Today we are the largest manufacturer in Italy in the industrial and urban cleaning sector.
Ecofast Italia S.r.l.
Ecofast Italia is an innovative small enterprise focused on food waste solutions both in residential, commercial buildings and catering establishments. We designe and manufacture machines and equipments to process and dewater food waste.
EEGEX - Energy Environment Global Exchange
EEGEX is an Italian Science and Trade Association, established on January 2015, whose statutory purpose is to promote the international exchange of technologies and know-how in the areas of Environment and Energy.
EntsorgaFin SpA
Entsorga is known worldwide for its products, based on innovative technologies inspired to the concepts of high efficiency, environmental and economical sustainability and enhanced automation.
EXXRO S.r.l.
Exxro is specialized in Water treatment plants - Land ll leachate by Reverse Osmosis
Water treatment plants - Ultra filtration plants for black and gray water treatment, both for maritime naval market and land based civilian market.
FPZ SpA is an Italian multinational company that manufactures Side Channel Blowers to move air, technical gases, methane and biogas in compression and aspiration systems.
Giacomini Heating and Cooling Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
As one of Italy’s top providers of HVAC and sanitary distribution, Giacomini offers the most comprehensive range of products for energy and water management, heating and cooling radiant systems, gas distribution, renewable sources and fire protection.
HYDRO ITALIA has been concentrating its efforts on the achievement of systems and methods for industrial water purification, by favouring cheaper solutions, effective and attentive to the environmental preservation.
Italian Exhibition Group Spa- Ecomondo green technologies and circular economy expo
ECOMONDO is the Italian leader expo and one of the most important exhibitions in Europe on circular economy and green technologies for the environment.
Labiotet operates in the field of air treatment all over the world. Founded in 1988 as a laboratory for chemical analyses, Labiotest gradually specialized in innovative and effective solutions controlling odors and enhancing air quality.
Mega System
Mega System (Italy) is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing of air pollution control systems since 1981.
Production of renewable electric and termal energy, Biomethane, Recovery CO2 for industrial use, organic fertilizer from combined Anaerobic Treatment from organic waste.
Sorting, recovery and recycling of post-consumer plastic packaging.
OWAC S.r.l.
OWAC is an engineering company composed of a team of skilled professionals with a long expertise in the waste-to-energy and renewable sectors, being the ideal advisor in the fields of environmental protection and waste treatment.
PCF Elettronica Srl
PCF Elettronica a reliable partner in environment, industrial and stack monitoring either with stationary or portable equipment.
Piemonte Agency
Meet Piemonte Agency, the first Italian regional agency dedicated to internationalisation, focusing on quality, sustainability and integrated solutions on water, waste& recycling solutions and products.
PIERALISI Group is one of the biggest manufacturers of decanter centrifuges worldwide with a production of more than 1.000 units per year. PIERALISI decanters are used for high efficiency separation of municipal and industrial waste water.
Rovatti Pompe is leader manufacturer since 1952 of high quality surface pumps and submersible electric pumps suitable for different applications: water supply and water treatment, agriculture and irrigation, drainage, fire-fighting and washing systems
Stokkermill designs and produces machinery for supporting the recycling industry to get highest performances and maximise economic benefits.
SYSTEA S.p.A manufactures analyzers to measure chemical parameters in water and other liquids, for on-line, routine laboratory and field applications. Micromac on-line analyzers and WIZ in-situ nutrient probes are widely used in China.
VOMM S.p.A. is an Italian Company specialized in design and manufacturing of continuous plants for thermal treatment of sludge and waste: municipal waste water sludge (drying and incineration), waste liquids concentration
Water&Soil Remediation srl
WSR is a leading company in the reclamation of polluted soil, subsoil and groundwater operating both in Italy and internationally, with a quarter century experience in the field of the environmental remediation of contaminated sites.

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